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It's time your cinema had the best mobile app and marketing  tools.

cinemaONE App
CinemaONE App

Get our industry leading white-labeled cinema app to provide showtimes, ticketing, food/beverage and loyalty.

TrailerVote Technology

Your audiences love watching trailers both online and at your theaters. Our patented tech helps people vote on their favorites and receive reminders.

Digital Marketing

Enable in-app advertising and 2nd screen advertising synchronized with the big screen to help monetize your audiences with studios and brands.

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How it works

How it works


Let's make sure you have the best mobile app for your audiences.: CinemaONE. Get the best private label app available in the industry to drive ticket and food and beverage sales.


We make cinema apps more delightful and meaningful to your business. Our patented TrailerVote platform enables audiences to vote on movie trailers, in or out of the theatre, and sends them push notification reminders to drive more ticket and F&B sales.. We also help studios and brands advertise to your audiences in the app.

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"This is a game changer"

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